Thursday, May 26, 2016



It might actually be enjoyable to read about my fascination with yurts. "Enjoyable" may be too strong of a word, but at least a long meditation on yurts would be more upbeat than my melancholic ramblings on injuries and illnesses.

Buuut real quick -- I have had what might be a bit of a breakthrough? Just a bit, not a complete. Anyway, it goes along with what I said in my last post about saying "eff it" and dropping whatever storyline you've got going on up in your head that in undoubtedly causing you grief. This morning I saw myself as a mystery inside of a body. Ohhhh, spooooky! But not spooky. I am not my body, yet at the same time I must reconnect with the body I currently have. I have a body to do things with, but I am not my body. Oh man, this is getting too weird and dumb. And BRILLIANT. Dumb and Brilliant: Meghan's Journey Into the Mystery: Now a Major Motion Picture Starring Mo'Nique.

So I can drop my anxieties over injuries and imperfections and instead be interested. Be curious, be connected, be caring. No more punishing, okay, Meg?

I hit a wall. I tend to do that after the third or fourth paragraph. I think my mind is too occupied with the mundane tasks of the day. ("They don't have to be mundane if you simply stay focused and in the present moment!" says Guru Meg, high atop a meditation cushion.) But seriously, I have to go to Costco AND pack for my trip to Wyoming. Oh, did I not mention I'm going to Wyoming on Sunday? To work on a dude ranch? Well, I am. Guess I should've spent more time discussing that then getting all wooey wooey about some spooky mystery inside of a perfectly imperfect body, huh? Oh well, too late, will discuss later. <3 <3 <3

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