Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Today was a day! Aaaand... Post. Kidding. But today really was a day, still is, and it looks like it'll be one I remember for awhile. So in other words, today is one of those days that sticks out. The 24 hours won't blend into the countless other 24 hours up there in my brain. My brain: Is this where my memories are stored? Or is it in the heart? Or is there some filing cabinet in the clouds with pages of my past gathering dust? (I don't know if papers in a filing cabinet gather dust, but it sounded poetic so it's staying. Don't be so picky.)

So today was a day because it was one where I was forced to do the thing I hate to do called "confront." I was placed in an environment, which was the hospital, that did not allow for avoidance. In fact, it's almost comical how much one cannot run from life in a hospital. You don't want to run from life in a hospital. You're desperately running towards life, or trying to keep up with life in hopes that it won't slip away. Hospitals are places where you try to catch up. Hospitals are places where, defying all logical, you run and stop at the same time.

Do I feel like going into all of the small details of today's great hospital adventure? Not really, but mostly because I am zzzzz. I am sleepy because I have weird blood that doesn't give me enough oxygen and oxygen is important for a lotta things, including the brain and filing cabinets. I will reassure you, however, and say that I am doing better. I am not all better, I am doing better. I haven't reached a destination, but the road I'm on now has considerably fewer potholes. I'll take it.

I wish to write more. My fingers also need oxygen, though. Maybe later when I can't sleep and I'm trying to thing of an excuse to not meditate, I will write another post. Maybe! Maybe not! My! Life! Is! Made! Up! Of! In! De! Ci! Sion! INDECISION!!!

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