Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I wonder if it's wise of me to write every day or if I should "let it build up" and then let the volcano erupt. Nah. If I did that, I would never write. I would find more and more elaborate excuses to postpone writing and eventually I would be a desert, not an active volcano. Then again, it might benefit me to switch up my writing schedule, write in different environments, test the waters of other styles, use prompts, etc.

I say all of this because I feel stagnant. I was on a roll for awhile! Inspired, motivated, planning my life as an off-the-grid contemplative hippie permaculturist. I even entertained the idea of writing an eating disorder memoir. All of these things are still on the table. I haven't completely discarded any plans or dreams. I just... hit a wall. No, I didn't hit a wall. I feel like a wall. Like a blank wall that has yet to be primed and painted and decorated with framed photos of ancestors and trips to the beach. A waiting wall am I, my my. Walls don't have legs. Walls don't have wheels. Walls just block things and don't move unless there's an earthquake. Is the key to the door my own personal earthquake? Would a giant shift in the ground beneath my feet be just what I need?

Okay, enough of that. Let me see... What are groovy things I'm currently grooving on? Well, aside from the word "groovy," I have become increasingly fascinated with birds. Specifically hawks. I am still a huge fan of sandwiches. If I look at enough gorgeous Instagram sandwich photos, the desire to recover from ED is usually reignited, if even just a little bit. Maybe the "trick" for me is to surround myself constantly with inspiring images, words, and people in order to break out of this wall-like funk.

So here are a few images that inspire me. Some are obvious, some are odd, some I cannot explain. Sometimes (like today) I just want a nap.

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