Saturday, April 9, 2016


I AM SO EXCITED FOR TOMORROW. Okay, I'm pretty jazzed about today as well. It's beautiful today! It was supposed to rain! The rain was supposed to keep me inside and doing, you know, productive shit. I planned on this. I had good intentions. Spring Cleaning Saturday, if you will. But I won't. At least not as much as I expected. I just just just can't if I know the mountains and the sky and the fluffy clouds are out there waiting for me. Except they won't wait. They will carry on while I am carrying boxes of books I'll never read into the dark basement where no fluffy clouds have ever been seen. So we'll see. I will attempt balance today. A few boxes here and there, brief bursts of sweeping or dusting or whatever it is people do when they clean, followed by connecting with my soul under that celestial orb. It's a plan, be it smart or stupid, but it's a plan.

I am excited for tomorrow because tomorrow is when I "allow" myself to sleep in, rest, and -- most importantly -- eat the biggest PB&J sandwich I can make. I am slightly overwhelmed. I want this to be a good sandwich. A really, really, really good sandwich. Good enough for the gods. I have yet to discover my tried and true PB&J. Do I use classic chunky peanut butter? Or do I go for the all natural almond butter? Sunbutter -- OH THE HOLINESS THAT IS SUNBUTTER -- is definitely a serious consideration. I could make mini sample sandwiches of all the different nut butters, which would equal one big sandwich, but I kinda wanna dig on just one kinda sandwich and one kinda sandwich only and holy hell I've spent a whole paragraph discussing this? You can tell how often I think of food...

...Which reminds me, I should probably just eat food so I don't obsess over food and let it clutter up my mind. "No other thoughts in here!" I say, pointing to my beautiful and abnormally large cranium. "It's too crowded with food. Not actual food. Food doesn't go in the brain, it goes in the stomach. I've got it all backwards, I know. Food down there, empty space up here. Maybe one day it'll click." Tomorrow I'll force it to click. Tomorrow will be hammock and ham and jam sandwich. No wait, disregard the ham. But appreciate the rhyme. Rhyming is a direct result of my English degree. Rhymes are very, very expensive.

Well, time to finally get ready for the day and then pretend to be productive. Appreciating nature is productive, yeah? Or even if it's not, who cares? Productivity is for suckers! And people with really clean, inviting homes. I envy you kind of people. But I envy the clouds more.

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