Friday, April 15, 2016


Well, my goodness. What a week it has been, amirite?!?! But more importantly -- amialive?!?! Turns out I am. Turns out I am more than alive. I am thriving, or at least on the verge of thriving. I am determined to thrive, not just barely survive. I am also determined to not rhyme throughout this entire post. Why not? Rhymes are just fine sometimes, even the slant rhymes.

I should pause and take time to write in depth about what happened yesterday, the events leading up to it, the aftermath, etc. And I will. Just not now. Now I want to let the wind mess with my hair. Now I want to listen to music while I walk to the library, looking for my hawk along the way. Have I mentioned I have a hawk friend? More like a hawk soulmate. I sincerely believe this hawk watches over me. I love the little dude. Or dudette. Who knows? I haven't checked between the legs. Yet. Anyway, I want to do all of the things I haven't let myself do for...ever? Forever? Like, living and being spontaneous and gentle with myself. What radical actions, I know! Pat. On. The. Back. And a hug. And a high five. A million high fives. A million high fives will take time, sure, but I've got it. I'm no longer rushing around, missing out on everything. I'm here. Finally.

So I will be back. I want to write about what I ate this morning. I want to share with you my process, my struggles, my setbacks, my successes. I want to be as transparent and as open as possible. Never hesitate to ask me something, to tell me anything, to voice concern or shower me with praise. PRAISE ME! I AM YOUR MAYOR! I am not your mayor -- that is just a little joke I have going on over at the Twitter. I love Twitter. So much. And I love food, as it turns out. SOOOO so so much. And finally finally big deep sigh of relief finally I love myself.

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