Sunday, August 11, 2013


Things I tell myself on a regular basis:

You are no Hemingway.
You don't even like Hemingway that much, except for the Nick Adams stories, which you LOVE.
Please learn how to pronounce "Sartre."
Please learn French.
Please don't do this.
Yeah, it's probably best to not text him, but chances are you will.
Text him!!! Great idea!!!
That was a stupid idea.
You should take a picture of yourself right now because your hair looks really good.
This would make for a great Instagram picture.
(S)he would get along well with my family at Thanksgiving. I want to marry her/him!
You hate kids!
You love kids!
You just want to be a kid!
You just want to be a writer/art critic/teacher/wife/stand-up comedian.
You just want to be happy/miserable.
You probably need some food.
You need to buy batteries.

I ALWAYS need to buy batteries.

1 comment:

EEMalus said...

I really love this and it has inspired me to write my own list. What are some things that you don't tell yourself?
And yes, batteries are a must.