Thursday, August 8, 2013

so far

It's August?! Shiiiiiiiii


Shit. What happened to all of the months between January and July? What was going on during those months? To incorrectly quote Adam Duritz, "It was a long winter and there's reason to believe that maybe this summer will be better than the winter." What? Close enough. Anyway, this summer has definitely been better than the winter, mostly due to the fact that I love the heat (I do! Promise!) and I hate the cold (SO MUCH!) and I am taking iron supplements. Also, I'm less crazy, so there's that.

Less crazy, but still crazy.

What has happened so far this year, dears? Well, I have fallen in and out of and in and out of and in love. And they are always white hot and die fast. I've said I love you to someone whom I now love from a distance, but at the time I was not in love. I was, yes, "in love with being in love." And I was also crazy! We both were! And we both still are, but a little less so. I am happy I am done with that runaway train. Uhhh... runaway train never coming back? I tried.

I endured working with a child (and he endured me) who was IMPOSSIBLE.

I ate a few burgers.

I came to realize a close friend can't really be there for me when I need her, which is a tragedy. I'm sure I'm not the most available person, either. I want to be more giving, more understanding.

I reconnected! With a couple of people! And that made me want to continue to be more giving, more understanding.

Oh yeah, and I quit two jobs after the first day. Hooooooray!

What will the rest of August and the rest of 2013 bring? I hope a Booze Cruise. And a few letters in the mail. And quite possibly many more burgers.

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