Friday, August 2, 2013


I am desperate to disappear. I feel like I am being pulled in a dozen different directions by a dozen different people (eleven of them being different versions of myself). My energy is at an all-time low, my anxiety is at an all-time high, my people pleasing tendencies are out of control, and I can't seem to stop, or even care to stop, my self-destructive habits.

There are more wishes than there are candles to blow out.

Let's make it. Let's make it work so we don't have to try in our old age. Let's throw away whatever and whomever has held us back and just float along a coast, hidden by fog and uncovering pearls. There's a shore somewhere along these lines and a light to guide us home, a home we'll make and keep wrapped up safely in shells.

I keep searching and searching and searching and

I want to be vapor and able to dismantle at a drop of a hat. I can't stop the cliches.

Give me your heart before I give you my time.

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