Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Another list because why not.

1. It's not really a list of anything, now is it? It's just random thoughts spewed out onto the digital page with numbers in front of them.

2. Break rules! Breaking Bad! Meth! Don't ever ever ever try it, sweethearts. Why would you smoke drain cleaner when you can *hypothetically* smoke the good earth's herb? You know what I be preachin', mon! One love!

3. Speaking of preaching, I wish to be religious again. So sue me! But if you sue me, you'll have to sue GOD and GOD ALWAYS WINS.

4. Why do I dislike the number 5 so much? It's not even the number 5, really, but numbers that add up to 5, such as 2 and 3 and 1 and 4 and well, you know how to do basic math. I believe I am just obsessive compulsive and probably autistic, so that pretty much explains it. Basically, I dislike 5 because let's say you needed to split up into pairs, well... SOMEBODY would be left out and then probably killed because whoever made up the rules said that those not in pairs must be swiftly executed and I am probably a little less autistic and a little more clinically insane.

5. AHHHHHHHH!!! (See above.)

6. It's so cool that we can all exist and create our own world and love who we want, even if it's unrequited even if it's of the same gender even if it's of the opposite gender even if it's with ourselves even if it's destructive but it maybe shouldn't be destructive because you are worth more than a shitty destructive relationship.

7. More like "Se7en," am I right?

8. I like 8. Eight is good. Eating is also good.

9. I started this off with "Nein?" and then I slowly pressed the backspace key FIVE times so that "Nein?" was no longer what I would start off number 9 with. Excuse me -- "With which I would start number 9."

10. This one will definitely go to ten. Ten it is. Definite. No doubt about it. No doubt, just faith. Faith in a god or a preacher or a preacher's son.

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