Tuesday, August 6, 2013


My dream was of a cat and a rabbit and a gerbil and a dog that I had to give away. The rest of the animals were kept in oddly shaped cages, sleeping until I could find them new homes. I checked an online dream dictionary in the morning to gain some insight. The interpretations were spot-on. Loyalty. Neglect. Hyperactivity and energy. Loneliness. The devouring female. How did it know? Was there a he or she behind it? I thought more about the origins of the online dream dictionary than I did of the interpretations.

And then there's Costa Rica. I still consider it occasionally, wondering if I would live in a cheap apartment with a shower that might eventually electrocute me. They take it easy there. They make fun of people walking too fast. They make hammocks out of branches and eat breakfast at noon. Maybe none of that is true, but I still consider it.

What do I consider to be true? The spine, for one. I consider the spine to be true even if I can't see it. It's there and it cracks and it keeps me relatively intact. And then there is the elephant. I had a large elephant stuffed animal as a child that I would hide in various spots throughout the house. I made sure my father would stumble upon it at just the right time and then have a laugh. It's funny to stumble upon a large stuffed elephant, especially when you are tired from a long day working at a community college, telling high school dropouts that first they need a diploma. That must be exhausting for everyone.

(rough draft) (to be continued) (or not) (who's to say)

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