Thursday, March 12, 2009

words all across america have been reached


i am a blonde again. which isn't actually that much of a surprise. i change the color of my hair roughly every three months. must be a gemini thing. uh oh... this entire paragraph is turning into a carbon copy of a text i just sent... it's like, get some new material, orem meg. but seriously, i like being a blonde. even though sometimes i feel more "me" with darker hair, which is sort of strange since i am a natural blonde. carpets don't have to match drapes, people. GROSS. SORRY.

speaking of surprises, last night's pacific themed surprise birthday party was a success! i am so surprised (enough with the word "surprise"! yells the voice in my head that sounds an awful lot like penelope cruz) that i was able to keep the party a secret and that i was able to somewhat lie convincingly. i don't think i have ever thrown a surprise party before and let me tell you somethin'-- it is quite a bit more work than i had imagined. surprise surprise. but somehow--with the help of a 5-hour energy shot--things overall came together rather swimmingly... and while we're talking about swimming(ly), the party's theme of the pacific and welcoming people to it probably does not make one lick of sense to anyone aside from five or six people. and even then, it still doesn't make sense (which is why it makes sense/is so funny). i wonder if people who look at the facebook pictures from the party last night think that we are just a bunch of lame jackasses that decided to have a "random" wednesday night tropical themed party at wolverine crossing. which is actually kind of what we did, minus the "random" part and add in a "birthday" part. man. we are seriously so cool. not just the pacific partyers, but each one of us. including you, you genius.

man oh man oh boy, i am starving. hysterical. naked. dragging myself through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix. okay, actually just starving. (eat a burrito, you fool! yells penelope.)

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