Friday, March 6, 2009

the weak men and provo push walk into a bar and by "bar" i mean SEGO and by "sego" i mean giff's corner and by "giff's corner" i mean yOuR mInD

i feel like my posts never have much to say... it's just me rambling about unimportant things, like writing with a purple pen. and nothing ever seems to be linear in these posts. maybe i should write about one topic-- like hot topic and how i once almost got a job there. i told them i liked the clash. they liked that i liked the clash (which i DO-- london calling is one of my favorite albums), but i guess something about me wasn't manufactured pop punk enough-- which is SO not true. i own black jelly bracelets and a non-authentic ramones t-shirt. so what i am trying to say is that hot topic can go take a flying leap.

flying leap?

yes. flying leap.

i just got out of an animal alliance club meeting. i am so happy that i decided to join that damn club (excuse me-- i am so stimulated right now and whenever i am in this damn hell ass awesome state, i swear. sometimes a lot. sometimes a fuck lot-- i didn't really use the "fuck word" the best way i could have. it just sounded weak. the weak men-- anyone? anyone? remember?). ANYWAY, i am glad i joined the club. i am glad that i am much more involved in school than... well, probably more than i have ever been in my college career. which has been a long career. and i am not even THAT involved, which just goes to show you how un-involved i have been in the past.

i want to write for the newspaper. AND i promise i did not just type that because a few of the newspaper people sometimes read this... i have just been thinking about it for awhile. i think about things a lot, but my problem is in turning those thoughts into actions. sometimes i need a little push (PROVO PUSH??? anyone? anyone? remember?). and wherever that push comes from, it just needs to come. and THAT--dear blog readers--is what she said.

weird that right after i typed "that's what she said", najib walks past the computer loft... weird, right? nothing's weird anymore. not even having a black president. okay, that's still a little weird. it's like, "WHAAA...?!?" everytime i remember that we have a black president. man. i was trying to be funny, but it just didn't happen. really, that wasn't funny at all. i am slowly turing into a bore.

you know who is really sOoO gAy??? team uvoice. good lord.


deadcityrebel said...

i give up

meg said...

why do you give up, deadcityrebel? you a big uvoice fan or something?