Friday, March 13, 2009

i am NOT typing this on a mac and i am NOT happy about it. psych. i don't care, man. if anything, i would prefer typing on a typewriter.

the new facebook is freakin' me out. facebook became such a comfort and a familiar place i could escape to. and even though it didn't change THAT much, just the little changes have really thrown me for a loop. i never thought it would come to this, but it looks like i will have to make an attempt, no matter how feeble, to have real life social skills. so how do i do that? what do i say when i walk up to a living, breathing person? do i speak in the third person? "meghan wiemer likes this." and then give them a thumbs up? how do i express emoticons in a non-cyber world? with real emotions? huh. i'll have to practice that one. ;-(

i am so happy that jennie just walked into the room and asked me if i too hate the new facebook. we were definitely on the same wavelength. speaking of waves, surf's up and welcome to the pacific and vote engaged and oh boy i can't stop. these phrases are on repeat in my brain. in my mind or in my brain? they are two very different things.

guess who's facebook chatting for the first time ever? that's right-- orem meg. i guess i haven't totally given up on facebook. and i guess i have mostly given up on real life socializing. but i am just a tootsie roll and i am just rolling with the punches. wait, i used that incorrectly. "hey TOOTSIE... ROLL with the punches!" did i already type that up on a previous post? god, that would be embarrassing.

just sittin' with my back to everyone while typin' shit. i constantly feel like people are peering over my shoulder. it's freakin' me out almost as much as the new facebook.

so... what should i do now? should i go to the coffee pod for an animal alliance club coffee night? i DO want to go, but that would mean standing up, walking, getting into my car, and driving. should i do homework? should i write? should i sit quietly, arms folded? should i start converting emoticons into real emotions? i think i will just roll with the punches...

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M. Olson said...

smiles. interacting with people in person throws me off, too. that's why i like jorgen so much - he'll just talk and talk and i never have to say a thing.

but i feel stupid wherever i am, to be honest. in person, facebook, here, wherever. i belong with the dogs - they understand without ever saying anything.