Tuesday, March 24, 2009

dUuuUde. it's 420. like, right now.

eating: spinach salad
car smells like: fish burrito
i love: my jacket
reading: a streetcar named desire
annoyed by: my creative nonfiction professor's formal ways
bought: two pizzas, pizza bites, and tofu and rice bowls
i hate: twilight
wrote a poem about: god letting us walk on water for one day only
miss: sand and rock
waiting for: the next "that's what she said" moment
should be: writing
should have: written
remembering: when i was in gymnastics as a kid and would hide under the mats
also remembering: how i would watch clouds during recess and build tiny houses out of grass
worried about: months
still want to get: holy holy holy
i love these places:

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