Tuesday, March 10, 2009

near, far, wherever you are

I am starting to get lazy and want to just write lists and fragmented sentences for my blog posts. So here goes.

"ocean" and "oh shit"-- perfect

for a good hour or so this afternoon i was petrified and it was NOT pleasant

last night i witnessed three impromptu performances of celine dion's "my heart will go on". it really really REALLY should have been captured on film, but sadly it was not. my my, it was beautiful and terribly strange. strangely beautiful.

boy, that one hour of being petrified sure wiped me out. i don't know if i can really write much right now.

i need to spruce up my grammar skills. that sentence was really annoying to me.

i don't think my zines-instead-of-traditional-papers went over well in alex's class... but i don't really care, which is somewhat unusual for me.

let it be. revolution.

i want to hug everyone right now. i need a hug.

"hell is other people at breakfast." --sartre

good quote. introvert.

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Chris Almond said...

Love you meg, hope everything is okay.