Wednesday, March 25, 2009

mustang michelle and juice box judy

Two adorable girls just came into the museum. They only looked around for about one minute, and when they left one of the girls said to me, "Very artsy." True. Quite true. They reminded me of characters from some junior fiction novel about horses or something. I bet their names are Michelle and Judy.

Now there are two bros that just walked into the museum. They are not adorable. And if one of them says "very artsy", I will punch them. That's not their line. That's Michelle's line. I bet their names are Cooper and Conner.

Oh! Michelle and Judy are back! Michelle has this giant tote bag/purse. Michelle is trying to look grown up. And it's working! I could have sworn she was 37. Turns out she is 11.

I am trying hard not to step on the many ants that have gathered by the desk. I don't want to kill them. Not really out of compassion, but just because I don't know how. I don't think we have any kind of spray here and I would rather not try to find an innovative way of killing insects. Besides, there aren't THAT many. I will leave them alone as long as they don't crawl up my skirt... Which I think they may have already done.

I just stole a graham cracker and two saltines from my boss's desk. Shhh.

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