Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I loved Spring Break.
I loved where I was and who I was with.
I loved sitting on a rock and staring at the colors around me.
I loved watching the clouds.
I loved the tinfoil dinners, the ashes in my tea, the little girl playing in the sand.
I loved the hungry dogs that wandered over.
I loved greasy hair.
I loved moabstaches.
I loved bare feet, walking on water, man with rolls of toilet paper.
I loved the announcer voice, but I also loved knowing the announcer doesn't have to announce if the announcer doesn't want to. Getting rid of masks, of roles (but not rolls of toilet paper).
I loved the disappearance of my disorders and obsessions and hangups for at least a short amount of time.
I loved the pause.
I loved the bookstore and the abbey merchandise and the great songs.
I loved the comfort of the south and the southern comfort and the green/red tea mix.
I loved small god and big god and all the gods in between.
I loved being.


marianne said...

And I loved reading this and having you love nature and life. 8-)

Rachel. said...

I loved this. Love this.