Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ich liebe dich

So I am at work right now and I can hear bagpipe music coming from some mysterious location... And it's not just any old bagpipe music, but rather Star Wars theme bagpipe music. Okay okay okay, makes sense. Nope. It doesn't.

I am sweeping the entire museum floor right now. Which is a pain. But then I get to mop! And I genuinely enjoy mopping floors. Mopping floors is like raking sand in a Zen garden for me. While sweeping and mopping, I usually listen to podcasts. Today I have listened to an Alan Watts podcast and will maybe listen to a Radio West podcast. Pod pod pod. Cast cast cast. You know the trailers that schools sometimes use for extra classrooms? Are they called pods? They are, aren't they? And what's the deal with the caste system? Maybe I can create an entire comedy routine based on caste systems. And genocide. No? No, probably not.

I wrote a poem last week about God letting everyone walk on water for one day only. Did I already mention this? I am a teeny tiny bit pleased with it. It has a LONG way to go, but the idea I am working towards is something I kind of like.

You know what else I kind of like? Cleansing the doors of perception. And by "kind of like" I mean "kind of really love". I love you!

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Simon Stargazer III said...

I'll bet Noah's neighbors would have liked to have had a 39 day extension!

By the way... I wrote a poem about Noah the other day. Here it is:

Noah! I Say NOAH!

And God said: NOAH!
You gotta WHOA!

Stop what you’re doin’
And pay strict attention

I say, Noah, you’re the only one I trust
But don’t sit still or you’re gonna rust

Let me set this firmly in your brain,
Soon I’m gonna send a mighty rain

‘Cause all the folks down there
Are screwin’ up just everywhere

So, I aim to leave’em behind
In a great big watery bind.

And it’s up to you to save the rest
I’m counting on you to do your best

Here’s my plans, now go build me an ark
Fill it with animals, starting with aardvark

It’ll be a floating menagerie bereft of style
But you won’t even care after a while

You see, it sure beats treadin’ water in tights
After my raining for forty days and nights

Jim Haworth, writing as Simon Stargazer III