Tuesday, March 3, 2009

not starving (because he's eating grape nuts), maybe hysterical, definitely naked

thoughts at 6:26pm
it is odd to me that i have read the entire bible
or did the entire bible read me??? no.
i am excited to try out the deer hunter
five hour energy shots: cocaine in a bottle?
i still want a kitty
i stole generic goldfish crackers from my boss
my nails will always be uneven
nobody cares if my nails are uneven-- why did i write that?
somehow i have started writing with a purple pen
i want to start a sexual revolution
penguin dust
oh god oh jesus oh buddha let me be comfortable
i love this picture:

the photographer (larry keenan) said this about the picture (taken in ginsberg's san francisco apartment in 1965): Once when I was visiting Allen in his apartment he asked me if I would like some coffee. Having said "Yes," he presented me with a metal bowl with coffee in it. The bowl seemed strange (like a dog dish) and I nursed the coffee to cool it down. Soon he started asking "Are you finished with that, man?" I would say "No, not yet" and after awhile I started to feel uncomfortable because the bowl seemed important to him. When I finally said "Yes," he grabbed the bowl away -- threw the remaining coffee in the sink and sat down with the bowl for his breakfast cereal. I was using his only bowl.

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