Monday, March 2, 2009

(.)(.) obscene and inappropriate, meghan (.)(.)

okay okay okay-- i shouldn't be blogging. and i should be using capitals. psych, it doesn't matter. fuck grammar! and capitalization! and capitalism! and team uvoice! and "unwritten laws" or whatever the fuck made the engaged poster come down. i would say "excuse my language", but since i just came (pun???) from alex's class, i don't feel the need to excuse any kind of language. so rest easy, it's okay. is it okay? i should be doing homework and reading and painting walls at work (which is such a pain-- the week that i am so extremely busy i actually have WORK to do at work?!? what the fu...dge?!?), but instead i am going to brag. just for a second.

please excuse my boastfulness.

i submitted nine poems to touchstones and all of them got accepted. ALL. i think that's pretty cool... right? i mean, it's nothing TOO damn awesome, but it is still sorta kinda awesome. i am terrible at bragging. i just want to keep cutting myself down. "cut cut cut" is a dave matthews band lyric. what a dumb ass lyric. anyway, nine got chosen, but now they are making ME choose the four that will be published since i guess only four by the same author/poet/orem meg can be published??? i think i will choose the jesus ones.

i got an A on my modern american literature paper about the poetry of e.e. cummings and william carlos williams. okay, so it was only two pages long, but still. i was nervous. now i am pleased. but still nervous for some reason.

okay, now on to the elections! it is intense. and i am just the bodyguard (my new self-appointed unofficial title)! i can't even imagine actually running. which is why i will probably never run for any kind of office. imagine ME of all people in charge and making laws and ordering people or whatever elected people do. i would just be shy and muttering things under my breath, trailing off, avoiding eye contact. then i would probably just let everyone do whatever they want. and i would also take everything personally. if someone didn't vote for me or opposed some decision i made (that's assuming i would ever make a decision), i would think it was because i am an awful person and because i have gained weight. i am sure a pill.

chill pill, meg!

pills pills pills (not a dave matthews band lyric, but definitely should be. i will bring it up with dave the next time he and i are jammin'.).

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crystal said...

hey did you know i read your blog? congratulations on your poems!