Saturday, March 10, 2012

fifty-five facts

10 facts about my room
*there is a mysterious bloody mark on the door that i just noticed
*i have a special jewelry box on my floor full of special non-jewelry items
*it's crowded-n-cozy with books i'll never get around to reading
*i have a chicken mcnugget plastic toy on my shelf
*there are also doll heads on my shelf
*i have a couple of shelves dedicated to buddhist books
*my college degree is still in the envelope, placed on top of a shoe box on my floor
*there is tabasco sauce on my dresser (next to four cat paintings)
*i have three pieces of art by chris on my wall
*there are a million and a half used matches next to the tabasco sauce next to the four cat paintings

9 facts about my family
*we've got lots of snooty blood in us (we're french! we're german!)
*we had a dog for 14 (15? 16?) years named wolfgang that we still miss every single day
*instead of sitting around a table at dinner time, we sat around the tv watching the simpsons (which is totally awesome)
*i call my sister heather "sissy" and have my entire life; i doubt i'll ever call her heather
*speaking of names, i call my mom "mompsie" or "monny" and i tend to call my dad "johnny" (and i call myself a cab!)
*everyone in my family loves the holy hell out of books
*we are kinda sorta packrats (one word?) (two words?)
*we are assassins
*we're more of a rolling stones family as opposed to a beatles family

8 facts about my body
*i had jaundice when i was a babe
*it has stopped menstruating for months on two separate occasions
*it is a foreign land (at least to me) (but probably not to a few lucky souls)
*i have a birthmark on my upper left arm in the shape of hawaii
*i wake up with mysterious bruises and cuts often
*i have adorable moles on relatively racy parts of my body
*apparently i have a birthmark on my coochie, but i've never seen it (again, a foreign land!)
*it is chronically cold

7 facts about my childhood
*i had two cats that i named "bearded" and "graham cracker"
*i saved up five dollars when i was maybe 6-years-old so i could buy a teenage mutant ninja turtle
*my kindergarten teacher told me i didn't know how to skip
*i was in a shit ton of musicals
*i wrote, directed, and performed in a play about prom (i was maybe 9?)
*i never thought about getting married, a wedding, etc. i thought more about being famous.
*although i didn't think about marriage/wedded bliss, i was desperately in love with my best friend's brother for years

6 facts about my hometown
*apparently it used to be called "monkey town." i hope that's a racist reference.
*it holds a yearly festival called "strawberry days"
*oh, i guess it was actually called "battle creek," not "monkey town." why did i think it was called monkey town? what's in my pipe? not THAT pipe, pervs.
*there are no mormon chapels in town. psych. every other building is a chapel.
*it is home to the christa mcauliffe space education center! and purple turtle!
*there's a dumbass G on the mountain. let's claim mountains! nature is OURS! trademark it!

5 facts about my best friend(s)
*they are legit geniuses and in grad school right now
*laura and i lived in a purple room/womb together back in 2006. we even had bunkbeds.
*chris used to wear these salmon colored hospital scrubs all the time. in fact, i don't think he ever took them off. hey, chris! do you still wear those scrubs!
*laura was mistaken for a cabbage patch doll when she was a baby
*i believe we all graduated from college the same semester/year.

4 facts about my parents
*they went to yellowstone on their honeymoon
*their anniversary is on flag day
*they are extremely good looking (and youthful!) people
*they are assassins

3 facts about my personality
*i am a perpetual loner
*give me anything/anyone and i will overanalyze it/them
*i observe. i know everything about you.

2 facts about my favorite things
*the russians might be the best
*the older they get, the better they smell

1 fact about the person you like
*he is an assassin


Meg said...

proppin it up (yes yes) and sunshine dancing on my stoop--hope you are well.

marianne said...

Thanks for the compliments...and actually Pleasant Grove was named Battlecreek but the neighborhoods were called by different names. Monkey Town was named that because of the kids acting like monkeys. Go figure. Grandma W. said it must be true. And, your poetry and writing will make you famous! xoxo

cassie said...

1. you ARE margo tenenbaum
2. my parents' anniversary is the day after flag day
3. i am in love with you

meg said...

Meg, I love you. I hope you are well, too! You make me happy.

Mama, I love you. Grandma W. always spoke the truth! Except for when she said Will Smith was an alien. Kidding, she never said that (not to my knowledge), but remember how she hated Will Smith?

Cassie, I love you. If I am Margot, will you be my Richie?

Jennif said...

I learned a lot about assassins. and you. and missed you a lot.

L.B. said...

Fact: We did the real gorilla in Mud Hole. This sounds kinky, or even racist-kinky!, but is actually just a fond memory that involved gangly arms and flare legged jeans.

Miss you, kittyfriend.