Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome to Our Crowd by Hettie Jones

Here is a picture of Hettie Jones, a great Beat poet and also an outcast of her Jewish family (ACCORDING TO OUR BIBLE, WIKIPEDIA.ORG):

Read more poetry! And read more female writers! And as a general rule of thumb, don't listen to Cat Power while it's gloomy outside. But listen to Cat Power any other time because she is the shit. And now here is a poem by Ms. Hettie Jones:

Welcome to Our Crowd

I've slept
in every room except
the kitchen, and that
includes alone or
with others, in symphony
or cacophony. Now
the man in his socks, the one
asleep on his own pillow,
the tender lover, curious
youth, bossy fuck
--all these clothed and naked visions--
are sharing particular angles
of light, the rushed or
lingering presence of time.
They hang off the splintering
beams. On the uneven floor
we all lie down in layers,
a hologram of lovers, his pillow
under another one's head,
the constant drift of old perfume, a jacket
left behind on a chair, shoes
later buried with the dead.
They needed heels. The jacket is minus
a button. Torn sheets, the windows
unwashed. We breathe and
don't breathe, lie, pass
in the hall, fall
into all our arms, live again
gone soon

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