Saturday, January 14, 2012


I'm shaking with energy right now. Synthetic energy, naturally! I want to write so so so much right now. And the question I always have is, "But what? But what do I write?" I guess those were two questions. MUST I always second guess myself? Yes. But maybe not? I feel like I've made this joke before. It's not a joke! It is a joke, though. Ooookay. Lists. I'm good with lists. I'm also good with almost but not quite peeing my gym shorts while running on the treadmill.


*drawing a blank. don't know what i've gotten myself into. i've stopped using capitalization, apparently.

*the "m" key doesn't really work anymore on my computer because there is what appears to be a giant breadcrumb underneath the key. i have to pound the "m" and it is really slowing down my speedy typing skills. what the hell! this is not interesting! but what IS interesting is that i just typed in "" instead of "" i'm a real winner!

*this list sucks rocks! i remember my parents saying phrases like, "go suck rocks" and "colder than a witch's tit" and being really impressed. my parents are probably cooler than i am and i can be pretty cool sometimes. i can also be full of depression and codependency issues, too.

i give up on this post. gaaaawd. i'm going to write just one more quick post - i will figure out a way to make it worth your tie. time! i meant time! fuck you, breadcrumb!

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