Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I finished the damn survey! I am a survivor!

Yep. I'm back again. Stalking was unsuccessful. I'll never make it as a private detective, but I'm sure as hell gonna make it as a public detective. Orem Meg here! I'm the mayor and the detective of this town and you all are very well aware of it!

11. Last crush
Shut up, survey! I don't owe you any answers!

12. Favorite song
I don't think I have a favorite song anymore, but when I was in high school I was all about Simon & Garfunkel's "America." It was so romantic. I imagined a life like the one in the song - boarding a greyhound, reading magazines, smoking cigarettes, sleeping with Paul Simon, and so forth. Turns out none of those things came true except the last one.

13. Childhood memory
Just any childhood memory? I remember accidentally finding the game Boggle under my mom and dad's bed. It was around Christmas time and I just knew that game was a present for me. I felt like I had ruined Christmas by finding Boggle, so I started crying and I probably prayed to Mormon Jesus for forgiveness.

14. Something you'd change about yourself
I would change my constant desire to change something about myself.

15. Best friend
Laura Beth will be a BFF for life (4 lyfe) as well as my sister Heather.

16. Favorite food
The potential vegan in me is grossed out by this answer, but I can't help but fuckin' love cottage cheese. I believe my most favorite of all favorites, however, is any vegetable. I love vegetables! I am exciting and I love to have a great time!

17. Last party
Does the Fun Bus count as a party? Because it should. It knocked my socks off. Correction: I was not wearing socks. It knocked my obnoxious kitten heels off. Kitten heels? Let me google that really quickly. Yep, that's what they are called. Who decided they should be called kitten heels? Mormon Jesus? A nun? Did my ex just walk past my window? I SWEAR it was him. Things just got funky.

18. Worst memory
see 13

19. Most scandalous thing you've done
vibrating Bible + above-ground pool divided by 3.5 nuns

20. Favorite holiday
Oh, you mean which holiday makes me want to kill myself the least? I'm sooo angsty. And I love to have a great time!


jut said...

Mormon Time!

meg said...

oh my @mormongod! this is nice. so nice.