Saturday, January 14, 2012

proof i'm getting dumber/more dumber

I've done it! I've successfully traveled back through time and am in high school again. Tumblr, I hate and love you more than you will know! Tumblr, does this mean you have a consciousness? Are you alive, Tumblr? Are any of us alive? (In unrelated (but totally related) news, I'm sweaty for some reason. Caffeine? Yeah, that'll do it. Does sweating = living?)

1. I crave stimulation. Of all kinds.

2. I will never choose a favorite Christmas present because I don't want to hurt the feelings of my other Christmas presents. I am actually being, like, 87% serious, but I also have a very damn ass hell hard time making decisions. I dunno! I loved my American Girl doll Molly that I got many a-moons ago. Oh! And my family built me a dollhouse when I was little - incredibly sweet and thoughtful, right? And it was a very damn ass hell shit rad dollhouse, too. Apparently the Wiemers have a secret talent for carpentry!

3. My biggest fear is lack of control. And praying mantises. (I also fear not knowing the plural version of words.)

4. Last meal? Scrambled eggs, pumpernickel toast, strawberries, and earl grey tea.

5. Oh, come on, Tumblr! Fine. I like that this person is the lead singer of a band called "Train." Not a good joke. I don't want to answer.

6. Tough one. Biggest regret... Do I give a serious answer or a comical answer? Okay, a serious one. I regret running away from certain situations/people.

Oh no! Time has escaped and then has reappeared and I have to get ready to leave the state of Utah! Long story. Not a long story. But a story I will tell later, perhaps. I will also finish answering these provocative questions later. Look forward to number 8! Because I'm keeping my lips sealed!


kieren said...

yes yes YES!!! MORE! please and thank you. if i believed in heaven, i would say you + spike are a match made there. your blog is killing me. write a book already!

kieren said...

and i never had a molly american girl doll, but i had samantha, and i think that was my favorite present ever. my sister had kirsten, and i used to call kirsten a "prarie whore," which i later regretted when i realized that a prarie whore is one of the coolest things a person could possibly be. you know? and i also fear praying mantises, holy shit. they are worse than almost anything, even though they are probably gentle, kind insects. they freak me the mothereff out. i can't even.

meg said...

Kieren, I can't even begin to express the love I have for you.