Sunday, January 8, 2012

spike bender

The real reason why I drank that Spike is so that I could WRITE. I've been itching to blog and now I'm just itching. Does caffeine make your ears itch, too? I hate the word "blog," by the way. I ALWAYS HAVE. But that doesn't stop me from using it! If I hate it so much, why don't I just marry it and then divorce it? But if we start marrying words, then what's next? Marrying a dog? First blog, then dog, then someone of our same gender. It's like a snowball on steroids (meaning it keeps rolling and gathers a lot of snow and then it shoots up some steroids). Fugg (I used that clean version of my favorite swear for you, mama!), I'm acting like Kanye right now. #DONDA But I'm just Spikin', not on some coke bender. Bender? But I hardly know her!

Okay, so I'm going to click on "publish post" in just a second and then start blogging (uuuuugggggghhhhhh that woooord) again, but this time I will try my damndest (darndest! sorry, mom!) to not be so #DONDA. Miss you! Love you! Probably want to blog you!

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