Sunday, April 3, 2011

We are all the mayors of Rock City. There are multiple mayors. It's a weird system, I know. Rock 'n ROLLLLLL!

Oh yeah, I'm in a band. Three, actually. But for today, on this our holy day of General Conference, I will highlight (fun fact: I first typed "high life" on accident instead of "highlight") 90s Television. And by "highlight" I mean post a bunch of pictures. Enjoy! That is a demand! I demand you to enjoy! (I am trying to track down the person who took these pictures, so once I figure it out, I will give them credit. Yo.)

Pepsi Ginsberg (aka ME) playing the keys with ease.

Ginger Brown (aka Josh), the big man in town.

Wait, is that Ginger again? Okay, cool. We get it. Lead singer.

Bourbonly (aka Clayton Godby), bringing some jungle fever to 90s.

Ramsey (aka Victor/Vector)! Not much rhymes with Ramsey except Lambsey.

Ah nice! Doc Hollywood (aka Joe No No), straight outta da hood.

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