Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am tired.

I am tired of the drivers in gas guzzling trucks who cut me off while they are texting the ever important "LOL" to a BFF. I am tired of being ignored by my neighbors because I am not a member. I am tired of the disapproving looks I get because of my tattoos. Hey, I don't hate you because of your CTR rings and garments, okay? I am tired of being interrupted. I am tired of the mute button not being utilized. I am tired of the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, friends, and lovers who come in second after the iPods, iTouches, iPads, and iPhones. I am tired of our lack of respect in nature and sacred spaces. I am tired of apathy.

But I am also inspired.

I am inspired by those who walk and notice. I am inspired by those studying in India and later joining the Peace Corps. I am inspired by those who get lost in music/books/art and subsequently find themselves. I am inspired by bravery in the face of conformity. I am inspired by those with broken hearts who let their hearts stay raw. I am inspired by a blank screen (or rather, no screen at all). I am inspired by those who stay nervous, aware, alert, awake. I am inspired by the soil. I am inspired by those who touch the earth and weep.


Meg said...

it's time to get naked of this society.

Brittany said...

hear, hear!

ariana said...


crystal said...

i bet you secretly are inspired by all of the diddily doh doh's that harass your day-to-day? i bet you secretly love and notice all of the silly and ouchie things they do with their wild elbows and slightly worried aghast glances? i bet you have a secret wealth of details observed by all of the everybodies.