Saturday, April 9, 2011

first thoughts

First thoughts to come to my mind RIGHT NOW:

I might move to Albuquerque. I am proud of myself for knowing how to spell "Albuquerque," by the way. BTW. FYI. LMAO. WTJDOLQT (What The Jesus Do Out Loud Cutie).

I have become pretty darn disillusioned with the "local scene." Everyone is so much younger than I and trying ever-so-hard. Oh, but I am also a person who indulges in hypocrisy. I should clarify, however, that many of the people I have met recently are so lovely and creative and inspiring and my disillusionment only comes from select individuals.

Speaking of indulging, I sure have been indulging in food lately. Some might blame the occasional happy brownie, others might blame the whole "I eat my emotions" dilemma. I, frankly, don't think there should be any blame or guilt at all. It is what it is. But seriously, no more Dee's at two in the morning.

I like my alter-ego. I wish I was more like Pepsi.

I miss Laura. I am quite happy she and I have started writing letters again. We are beautiful together.

Wired 'n Tired. My autobiography.


Meg said...

If you move to Albuquerque, I want to go with you.

cassie said...

bryan's grandparents live in albuquerque! we would visit, but we hope you move in to el compoundomundo first.

i'm regretting the bacon i ate at pete's this morning (i forget my stomach hates pork). don't regret those brownies though.

Brittany said...

why Albuquerque? I've never been to NM.

I love you, and I love your alter-ego. And I think we need to indulge in food together soon!

meg said...

I don't think the three of you realize how nice and exciting it was to get comments from three of my favorite people (those three being the three of you). I will explain my moving-to-Albuquerque plans in my next post! But now Albuquerque is Portland.

Rachel said...

If you move to Albuquerque, you are welcome to my 91 year old Granny's house in Pagosa Springs, CO. It's just a few hours away and I am serious...she loves people. Also, Albuquerque has a Trader Joes and you are close to Santa Fe. OH and if you really do move there I am going to keep bugging you to visit my Granny. Just ask Laura about her. She loves Laura.