Thursday, April 14, 2011


When I showed you the journals in which I was published, you didn't even hold them in your hands. You were allowed to hold them, you know. And guess what? You were even allowed to look through them and actually read my poems. Basically, you were given full allowance to be interested, but you weren't interested. You weren't even good at pretending you were interested. I could bring up more and more examples of your lack of interest, but now I am no longer interested in being upset or really caring. It feels good to not put in any effort. It feels good not to be your little marionette. But hey - no hard feelings, okay? I didn't really care, either. I cared about you as another human being, just not as a "life partner." I think we were both searching for something that was never there, a sort of blind, wild goose chase. But the chase has been called off! All geese are safe. And I know we are both happier because of it.


Jack W. said...

Anyone not willing to read your writing or look at your creativity is not worthy of your time and especially your effort.

Meg said...

Laura Hamblin talks about that a lot, in her relationships over the years--how men who never asked to read her poetry never cared to know her. I am glad you didn't ignore yourself, you deserve to be known. <3

Chris Almond said...

Is this about giff or John Garlock?