Saturday, April 30, 2011

a flake and a phoney with a college degree (whoopie)

Here we go! Get ready!

Things that make me feel bad/sad/mad/not glad/uh... shoulder pad:

*Losing an entire group of friends due to a breakup.

*Losing a best friend due to a breakup.

*The fact that I may very well be the Worst Friend Ever.

*Feeling like a big time flake and phoney.

*Gettin' no recognition/ceremony for my graduation last year. Hey guys, I graduated. Remember? Remember how I graduated cum laude? Remember how I have no pictures, had no congrats grad from relatives, no cap 'n gown, no celebratory dinner? Remember how I worked really, really, really hard for 8 years and now my diploma is still sitting in the envelope on top of a shoebox? Remember how I kinda cry a little bit every time I think of these things? They may seem petty - and perhaps they are - but, I don't know, all of these things would have/do mean a lot to me. Oh well.




deadcityrebel said...

you're too solid dude. don't sweat this shit. wwred?

ariana said...

well you just caught yourself a shiny ditto on that one. actually i forget that normal people don't play pokemon so ignore that sentence. but DITTO. about everything except the snow. just letting you know you're not alone. strength in numbers? wrong context. but i'm right there with you.

cassie said...

my diploma is also (really!) sitting on top of a shoebox. no pictures, no cap and gown, because i didn't want them. i would have liked a party though. let's do that.

Meg said...

I think it's time we have a graduation party for those of us who won't/didn't "walk". Seriously. Let's do it! We can decorate so it looks like a grad party and we can all wear shiny robes and those hat thingys. !!!

meg said...

YES! Let's have our own graduation! Really! Wow. This is a great idea. #soserious #letsstartplanning