Saturday, April 23, 2011

an elephant in the room, but not really

Okay, a list:

Because I can't think clearly:

So I will not post anything deep and meaningful:

But rather, a list:

1. Do I spend my refund money on yoga classes or a tattoo? Or both? Or neither? I have a feeling many of you will say NO NO NO on the tattoo. But some of you out there in Internet Land like tattoos, right?

2. My head, heart, and stomach all hurt. Like, I actually feel pain in them right now. This is probably not a great thing, considering my head, heart, and stomach are all pretty important parts of my body.

3. I'm a slob lately. No more getting out of bed for me! No more makeup for me! No more socializing for me! No more shaving, showering, or smelling good for me!

4. Too tired and achy to finish this list. I have been drained of any and all creativity I used to have in the past. I am a good for nothin' loser. J/KKKKK. But really, I am kinda a dumby. Gumby. No, just a dumbie. Dumbey. Dumbo.


Meg said...

Energy work?

deadcityrebel said...

re-orient yourself with something you've never done before!