Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the soul and heart caught in a web

There is something so crushing about a life full of phone bills car bills credit card bills mortgages taxes blogs facebooks tweets twitters wall posts walls comments department stores soup cans soda cans garbage cans television anything commercials billboards raping highways kids lost in video games and screens and screens and screens and it makes me want to



Meg said...

take the nature writing class with me this summer. its fridays at 5pm

Brittany said...

so true. I love this, it is. so, LOTS of camping this summer?! weekends weekends weekends! and hiking, but really sauntering. in the mountains.

Jennifer Black said...

I feel exactly what your saying, however if your life were to turn in the opposite direction you might find yourself wishing for normality again.

heck out my blog sometime. :)