Wednesday, May 4, 2011

walks, idiots, and Muse


*I write the word "musing" and I think of Muse (the venue, not the band) and I think of my first concert with 90s and I think about me not knowing what in the world I was doing and I think about how I still don't know what in the world I am doing with 90s or Glowing Heads and I think, "Well, damnit." And I think I need to start thinking more about these things and decide once and for all what I really wanna do, not what everyone else really wants me to do.

*There are some idiots on Facebook. Is this the most obvious thing I could possibly say/type? Yes. But really, come on, you guys. Yes, specifically guys. Males. One in particular whom I do not know very well. I know of. And I know only bad things about you, man. Of course, I should not judge... But when you act like a smart alec dick to me, well, I guess I should thank you. You are probably just trying to teach me patience, right? I thought so. Sneaky teacher!

*The past two days have been a bit rough. I feel off. I am slightly grumpy and tired and ho-hum. I am not sure what it is, but I know there is something bothering me. I intend to get to the bottom of this - or at least not avoid my feelings. I am trying to tell myself something (whoa - trippy), but what is it? What needs are not being met?

*I went on a long ass walk tonight to try to figure out the "answers" to many questions (put in quotation marks because I am not sure if I believe in one single answer or answers at all). It was a good walk, not because I figured everything out and am now fully enlightened. No. Mostly it was because the weather was divine and I chose a different walking route today. Well, I didn't even choose a route. I wandered. And wandering was what I needed, apparently. I found myself in the "poorer" neighborhoods, which I much preferred to the Ivory Homes 'hoods I frequent. I mean, duh. Of course the non-Ivory Homes 'hoods are better. There's character and life and tragedy and joy and lawn flamingos. No ticky-tacky.

There was something else I was going to say... Oh my oh my what was it... Oh well. This post is probably too long anyway for our ever-decreasing attention spans. Oh woe.

*OH! I remember. PETA liked a comment of mine. Thought that was funny. OHHH... Eff Facebook. It doesn't matter.

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