Sunday, January 31, 2010

perplexed; an eclipse

a blender brought out the beast in me today.
sounds funny.
but it's not.
it's scary.
the real world doesn't scare me.
it's me that scares me.
and apostrophes.
and catastrophes.
but not trophies.
if i could get a trophy,
any trophy in the entire universe,
it would be
"the universe's nicest person."
i would graciously and modestly accept,
then turn around, melt it down,
trade the gold in for cash,
and give the money to endangered species,
or kids with nothing on their mind
but rain for water, for survival.
i'm not going to win that trophy
anytime soon.
or ever.
so i throw my shoes off instead
and walk to the border
with my sailor
hand in heavy hand.
(the tide pulled the moon down
and it landed in my lap.
i'm landlocked, dear moon,
and you will never see your reflection

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