Saturday, January 30, 2010

move along, nothing to read, just keep on moving

I am writing this to write. To try and jump start my brain. JUMP is an incredibly odd word. Jump. juMp. JUmP. jUmP. Is that even a real word? Is there such a thing as "real words"? All of this is arbitrary. ("Jump" no longer looks strange to me. Just a regular word, nothin' special, nothin' to see or read here, folks.)

My plan for today was to get super silly stimulated and write a paper for my theory class. HA. The first part happened, but the latter is pretty much a failure. So far. It's just an incredibly difficult class for me with an insane amount of writing that makes my mind and nerves and sense of self worth shake. And the caffeine doesn't help with the shaking, surprise surprise.

Speaking of sarcastic surprises, who knew that stimulants = eating disorder for me? Huh. I never knew that. OH WAIT. Yes, I did. Sarcasm. I forgot how to use it. Now I am more confused than when I started. What do these words mean? Exactly. No one knows. Or they do know. Or it doesn't matter? Jabberwocky?

Hey, real world. You scare me.


Rob said...

Well there's always the store bought "Activator". Did you ever use any of the supplements you bought that day?

By the way, you might consider using tags as sort of a meta comment on the post you, uh, post. I find it very therapeutic.

kieren said...

real world, you scare ME too! but this blog doesn't, it makes me want to bake fat free vegan muffins with you at 1:30 in the morning and talk about eating disorders and stimulants. and when you seem sad on this blog it makes we want to say "hey! there! it's ok! things will be ok!" and bring you pea soup and a hug.

this was a weird comment.

meg said...

No, it was not a weird comment. It was a comforting comment. I would bake muffins with you any time of the day or night, rain or shine, hug or no hug. But I hope a hug is involved. Now THIS was a weird comment.

Rob, I have not activated anything-- YET.