Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I appreciate you. I really do. I love you, in fact. Thank you for thinking of me.

They say your enemies are your best teachers. Patience. And they are right. Go ahead and knock me down. You deserve an entire apple tree for what you've given to me.

Eff those people who get, like, 15 blog comments in two hours or less. Eff them straight to... MY HEART. What does that even mean? It's sloppy writing, that's what it means.

Quantum theory. You knock me out.

You know what else knocks me out? Tylenol PM. It knocks me out so hard that it's kind of scary. Right after I take it, I begin to have trouble breathing. WHAT?!? I am serious. I get scared. Is sudden sleep worth it? Count sheep instead, Meg.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Remember how three adults got punished unfairly/"made an example of" today because of very meaningful tattoos? That suxxxxxxxxxx. That sucks my metaphorical balls.



Loz said...

Is the tylenol thing like when you're at the dentist and they attach the gas nozzle to your face and then you feel odd and then think you're going to die and you get upset and try to get off the chair only to fall over and embarrass yourself in front of the nurses and ...hmmm, that could be just me, the third time I was offered gas i just had to refuse, it's not fun. Just give me the cold hard surgical steel injections.

One of my new years resolutions was to comment more on the blogs I read, I already failed but heres to a recommittal to that resolution.

Trish Griffee said...

Meg-you are the most interesting of blogs I read in a day. Refreshing really. And Tylenol PM does that to me too. Don't be scared.