Sunday, January 24, 2010

i know i am "not my past," but...

past boyfriends had this to say about me... it's a tad discouraging...

"i know you are feeling distant and detached, and that makes me want to call you more, and text you more, and email you more, and just be around you more. which i feel is pushing you away more, which makes me want to interact with you even more because i like you so much. all this is frustrating and I really don't want to bug you in any way. if you need space or distance will you tell me?"

"i think you recall that one of the biggest problems early in our relationship, or at least as i saw it, was communication."

"i have always thought you very smart, and that has been part of the frustration. i knew there was so much more than i was getting access to. i think you will recall me having said that at times before when getting frustrated. so i am sorry if i misrepresented you in that way. because, although you are inaccessible in many ways, i have always found you to be smart."

"i SO called it! you ARE alone thinking sad thoughts! no! meg!"

"i am scared that you don’t like me as much as before! and that makes me want to cry all day."


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