Thursday, August 25, 2016


I have transformed into a rebel. I have started to do things that frighten me, which end up delighting me because HELL YEAH I JUST CONQUERED THAT FEAR. Sometimes I don't always conquer them, though. Sometimes I just quietly step over them and move on. These fears are small and subtle and sticky. They disguise themselves quite well at times, not even resembling the controlling fear that they essentially are. Bastards. Sneaky bastards. But as I've already mentioned, I am a rebel and the right kind of rebels always defeat the sneaky bastards. At least they do in my reality.

AND WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY!!!!! WHAAAA?!?! It's true. I think it has something to do with black holes or quantum superposition or something. I dunno.

Here are a few people, places, and things on my mind:

*Figs. They are delicious and I love them and I think they are high in both iron and fiber and you know what? I don't think I've ever had a fresh fig. Where can I get a fresh fig around here? Do I have to go to Jerusalem to find a fresh fig? Because I will. I will go to Jerusalem for a fig.

*Madrid, New Mexico. According to a probably-super-reputable website, the teeny weeny former ghost town of Madrid is a hippie haven. I'll take it! Ghosts and hippies and the Land of Enchantment all in one location? If you tell me they have an abundance of fig trees, I will freak.

*Digestion problems. I SHALL NOT ELABORATE.

*Hair. My own hair. What do I do with it? Does it matter? Of course it doesn't matter, but at the same time it kind of matters. I feel like I could write a scholarly article on the importance of hair in various subcultures, but I won't. Anyway, I've gone back to perhaps foolishly parting my hair in the middle and although it's not my best look, it is definitely not my worst look. I'll settle for a comfortable middle ground with the middle part. For now.

And now it is time for me to step outside of my own neurotic thoughts and help other people. Turns out I kinda sorta totally like helping other people??? Especially if my various acts of selflessness are noticed and praised by millions. I kid! I kid!

Love you, fig heads.

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