Thursday, July 30, 2015

126,720 inches

So did I tell you I am moving? Kidding, I won't make every post from now until September about how I am moving. Just, like, 80% of them. The other 20% will be about the evils of palm oil, the importance of Planned Parenthood, and why I want to adopt a kitten and name it Yuki Noguchi. But for reals, I am looking forward to being in an area which is, according to the trusted Google Map, two miles to every HOT SPOT depending on which direction you are facing. For example, I am two miles from Liberty Park, two miles from Red Butte Gardens, two miles from REI and a parking lot full of Subarus with Bernie Sanders bumper stickers, and a weeeee bit over two miles to Trader Joe's. I know, right?! I better actually take advantage of my close proximity to "cool shit" this time around because I sure didn't when I lived on South Temple. I mean, I did go to City Creek every once in awhile with my dad, but it filled me with so much deep sadness and frustration and I always got lost/frightened of the Mountie-looking security officers. They really are awful, aren't they? ENOUGH! Enough about malls. Why must all of my thoughts lead to shopping centers? The vast wastelands of America.

Anyway, MOVING. I figure I'll just chill out now and then pack like a maniac the week/night before I move. That's fine, right? Sure, as long as it gets done. I ain't gonna be graded on this move, okay? My grand exodus out of Utah County isn't a midterm. And it's lucky for me that I am currently on this minimalist kick. I own nothing but a robe and a notebook and a tube of Chapstick! Follow me! <--- Not true, but maybe one day.

I hope that with my move I'll be able to become more involved in organizations that are important to me, groups that are committed to making a change. I won't overwhelm myself with activities and obligations, though, because then I'll do NONE of them. Plus (and this is a very big plus), I kinda sorta really have to find a job first. You know, I've lived a fairly reeeeelaxed existence for awhile now, pretending like I am not an adult and do not have very many responsibilities. Hahahahaha, how very untrue that is. Time to step up to the plate, Meg! And, uh, swing at all of those pitches! And maybe hit a home run! And run backwards, confusing the officials! Time to publicly humiliate yourself on national television by not understanding the basic rules of baseball, yet somehow you still win the game! You did it! MVP!

Okay, moving on and leaving the topic of moving behind, what's up? Like, what do you guys and girls want to talk about? Let's have a discussion! A discussion about police brutality, a discussion about drilling in Alaska, a discussion about the election and resurrection and fungal infection and point of intersection. Let's discuss it all.

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