Saturday, July 13, 2013


If I study art, am I selfish?

If I postpone getting a job because I want to make art, am I selfish?

If I relentlessly pursue him despite the fact that he ________ and __________, am I selfish?

I accelerate only to break.

(Gotta be cool now, power shift here we go.)

If I write with whiskey, am I selfish? Am I stupid?

I abandoned acting because I believed I was no good; I still mourn what was. I buried my future under a pile of shoulds.

You should write, Meghan. You should.

You should be meek. You should give. You should never keep for yourself. You may trip over what you've accumulated and fall on your face. Your face is full of lines that map your ancestors. Don't disappoint.

Am I selfish to take? What will break if I do everything in my power to remain without fracture?

The earth naturally shakes and so shall we.

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