Friday, July 19, 2013


I sat in the back of the room in order to observe. I have been observing the way people interact with one another ever since I opened my eyes. Occasionally I will wear non-prescription glasses because it makes people treat me better and with more respect. This fact feels significant somehow, but I doubt that it is.

I observed the way your teeth looked. You said you had them fixed earlier that morning and that they felt weird against your tongue. I asked if it made the roof of your mouth raw and you just answered, "Tongue." I grabbed the side of my neck and left it at that.

There was something tragically beautiful about the way the gravestones were left invisible that night. I didn't want to know their names, I just wanted to know their entire history and who they loved and why they were so sad that one Christmas and what their dreams were when they were younger than I am now.

Are we all now ads instead of friends? What has the screen done to us aside from drastically disconnect?

I am going to figure it out. I am going to figure out the way the dollar works and how to exchange numbers and how to fix a flat and how to deposit and dispose and possess and obsess over anything other than this scene from the back of the room. I am hungry and I have forgotten how to boil water. It has really gotten to that point.

What will we make of ourselves when we create the mold? What will freeze and what will crack?

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