Friday, June 28, 2013


I am on a mental slip-n-slide lately; I am regressing into old habits and feeling almost entirely unmotivated to do anything about it. An actual slip-n-slide would be ideal, since it is a hot ass mothereffer outside, but this whole psychological slide ain't quite welcomed... Yet, I DO welcome it because I nurture it (or I at least passively let it consume me). You've heard that Cherokee legend, right? I'm sure it has circulated the Interweb. Well, it has to do with a sacred slip-n-slide. Kidding. In brief, it is about two wolves inside of us, one greedy/vicious/pitiful and the other selfless/loving/brave. WHICH ONE WILL WIN?! you ask. Well, the one you feed. Light bulb goes off! Okay! So, Meghan, just don't feed your neuroses anymore. Stop watering the seeds of self-hatred. Plant seeds of... uh... awesomeness instead! Yeah. Awesomeness. Also, help protect the gray wolves because wolves are amazing creatures and not always dressing up like your grandmother. You know what I mean? Thought so.

Buuuut... I feel permanently frozen. I am standing between the wolves, food in both hands, unable to let either of them taste the meat. Why is this? Do I shrink away from power? Am I unable to trust myself with such a responsibility? Both wolves are ravenous and in need of sustenance; it's time for me to make a decision. And that slip-n-slide? Well, maybe I should run through sprinklers instead.

PS: This is mostly a serious post, but here are some pictures that will lighten the mood. Mood lightener 2.0.

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