Tuesday, June 25, 2013

mind flashes part 1

I am finding difficulty in forming coherent paragraphs right now, so instead I will charm/annoy/bore/confuse all of you with quick mind flashes. I will title it...

Meghan's Tuesday Morning Mind Flashes 2.0 Y2K NAACP

The transition from being out in the middle of the desert under a super moon and surrounded by good vibes to being in the middle of a city under a hazy sky and surrounded by construction is a tough one. I feel uncertain of my next move. My brain is buzzing with static once again. I am tempted to take off and leave the (literal and metaphorical) baggage behind. I am tempted to reside in Torrey. Another part of me is determined to stick it out and stay here in the city of salt while I pursue a degree that will lead me, eventually and with more security, to places like Torrey. Currently it might be easiest to just stay here in the bustle while I hustle to map out a life worth living. Easy, sure, but more expensive. It will come down to me taking out loans to pay for loans. Oh well. The price we pay for our idea(s) of happiness, contentment, and a salary. Goofy us.

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marianne said...

Meggie...remember there are many who love you and will be there for you always...trust that, have faith in yourself and know I am always here to love you and support you getting better. I love you more each moment.