Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I am determined to adopt a cat this summer. I am determined to name said cat Japhy Mann Pauline-Yossarian. I think (KNOW) that this name is nearly perfect. I may change things up a bit, though. Japhy Pearl is perhaps a little too adorable. Japhy Mew Mew might work. Japhy will be my own personal zen master and I will be Japhy's slave (but a willing slave; a slave without chains!).

Meghan's Happiness List: good food, good books, the desert, lying on the grass, being outside as much as possible, interacting with other humans, interacting with other species, solo walks, vegetables.

I have decided to go back to school to study Environmental and Sustainability Studies. Really. I know I change my cute li'l (HUGE) mind often, but this fits. This fits better than anything else I've looked into. Into which I've looked! Grammar. Gramma. Gamma Rays. Japhy Gamma Ray Snyder. From my gooby goofy lovely journal a few days ago: "Nothing heals me more than the earth. I want to be better informed. I desire to take responsibility. I want to influence and educate others. I need to give back because I have been given so much. Time to do my part." CHEESY. Cheese also sounds really good right now, mostly because I had a tasteless and overpriced vegan dish last night that really pissed me off. Okay, it didn't really piss me off, but I'm tired of spending lots of monies on blandness. Anyway, time to take my head out of the sand and start addressing environmental concerns, such as tar sands. To school I go!

Eating. Is. Healing. (My mantra for today/all days.)


Patrick Weeks said...

Fostering said Japhy is a wise way to see how you two get along http://www.caws.org/html/foster_a_pet.html

meg said...

Yes! Foster I shall!