Saturday, June 22, 2013


I wonder if I am in love with you. Is it fascination? Could it be a mix of repulsion and projection? Are those two unlikely key ingredients for love? Love is just a chemical, something to mix up in a laboratory while wearing a white jacket and glasses that give you some sort of authority and identity. Is love an identity? Do we assume a role and place markers on a map while feeling displaced and disoriented? Maybe the markers will lead to a treasure or an adventure, but they could also lead to dead ends and deep waters with pirates and no life jacket.

I'm probably not in love with you. Yet. Perhaps I never will be. Perhaps there's a way to love you completely from a distance. Chemicals must mix to create a reaction, though. Maybe it's better for us to remain a cause without a reaction. Reactions can cause fires, which are not easily extinguished unless one is surrounded by water (no life jacket needed).

You will always be my gravity.

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