Saturday, November 10, 2012

salt peanuts

Have you ever felt like taking a wild guess? I am about to give you the opportunity to take the wildest guess of all time (or at least in the past 200 years). Guess which Meghan is really super extremely disgustingly hard on herself? You li'l mothereffer... You are a pro at these wild guesses. Good job.

In an attempt to not freak out on myself, I think I need to first know myself. But then again, learning more about me may give me more reason to freak out on me and oh my this coffee is way too strong today. Contrary to popular belief and wild guesses, I'm not so sure coffee/caffeine makes me a "better writer." My caffeinated mind tends to be even more all-over-the-place than my regular mind, which leads me to believe that I have two separate minds -- a caffeinated one and a regular one. I cannot focus! I need some Focusin! You know, the ADD medicine Bart Simpson was on in that one episode where Bart Simpson took ADD medicine? Yeah, great episode.

I found a goofy blog that is all self-helpy and other bullshit like that. Okay, it's not (entirely) bullshit. They have a post titled "101 Important Questions To Ask Yourself." And I was, like, "Bring it on." I won't answer all 101, heavens no, but I will attempt to answer 7. Do you care to read? This is more for me than it is for you, but then again we are all interconnected and Buddha and ohm and I am you and you are me and we are all walruses and walruses are elephants and the giant elephant in the room is that, yes, we did elect a black president. Joking. I love Obama. And black people. And black coffee.


Oh, fuck you, Question Number One.

QUESTION NUMBER TWO: What are you passionate about?

I am going to ignore your improper grammar because frankly I don't really care. Okay, my passions: A list: Here we go: Get ready: You've stopped reading: I can tell: I am passionate about... Nature, relationships with others, Buddhism, spirituality, body image issues, literature, writing, nature, feminism, gay rights, nature, gay nature, nature is gay, food.

QUESTION NUMBER THREE: What are the achievements you are most proud of?

I guess graduating from college was pretty shit rad. I am also proud of being published multiple times, forgiving and asking for forgiveness, reading great works, being the lead in a few plays, running my own marathons, asking for help.

Okay, I'll only answer three questions this time. Slowly I'll answer seven and then ever so slowly shall I answer 101. Or 102! I always push myself.


Meg said...

And just remember, that struggle--that uncomfortable pull out of your comfort zone (mine is distracting myself away from myself), can be good for you, even if it makes you feel like you're being pulled apart in all directions. The breath in, the breath out. Missing you. I struggle every single day trying to get a handle on my depression. I'm starting to realize it has nothing to do with the exterior to my reality, its all inside.

meg said...

"The breath it, the breath out." Thanks for the reminder. Love you.