Monday, November 5, 2012


I like old blues music more than I like most people. And I like people. I like observing people, not actually interacting with them. But anyway, blues. Yeah. It hits the spot everytime.

I don't care about purses. I don't care about shoes. I care about words and eye contact and glass bottles.

I am still in love with him.

He has no idea. But I hope that he hopes that it is him.


Meg said...


Meg said...

There are some people we never get over. They just sit there collecting dust in our emotional corners, there to torment us if we feed them any tears. There is no consolation, only time, cobwebs, and maybe someday a spring cleaning. <3 I love you

meg said...

Ah, I love you, too. Maybe whiskey and Blogger don't mix well... Or maybe they do?