Friday, April 27, 2012

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*I cannot stop listening to Robert Johnson.

*I cannot stop thinking about going to Disneyland.

*I cannot stop looking at recipes and fantasizing about all of the different feasts I will make. Who gives a fudge (mmmm) if they are vegetarian/low-fat/low in carbs?! Not me! I want to experience all foods and become a major foodie. No, really. I really do. Life goal here, folks. That and going to Disneyland while tripping on LSD.

*The wacky spring storm last night might have made a wacky idea pop into my head and it has STUCK. It didn't dry up with the sun like the rain did. What's this idea? Well, it's not actually an idea. It's more of a decision. The decision is that I want to get married. Okay okay okay, maybe. Maybe. I've never really had the desire to get married and now the sudden desire ("desire" might be too strong of a word) may be caused by certain people in my life getting married. Like, "Hey! Wait up! I wanna join/fit in/not be left behind!" So perhaps I should examine this "desire" of mine first before I, you know, start proposing to people. TOO LATE!!! Ohhh Emmm GEEE!!! I've proposed marriage to people! I am such a weirdo!

*Can we always talk about food? I want to talk about food some more, but maybe I should start my own food blog? I want to turn my enemy (food, my body) into my best best best friend. And I'm determined as hell to make this happen. Lock up your cabinets! I'm gonna raid your house and eat all of your cereal! While naked! At Disneyland! Riding around in a giant, spinning teacup! Whoa. I could pour all of the cereal into the teacup and eat it out of the teacup. Oh, hey, I've had two cups of coffee this morning, by the way.

*The transition into one's 30s is rough, man.

*I talked to two important people in my life yesterday (one through text, one on the phone). These people are important to me for various reasons, but one major reason is that we all went through the hardest (and also the best) year ever together. I suppose I won't go into too much detail. I'll just say that it is miraculous that I can call both of them friends; I grew up so much after that year and it taught me that I still have so much more growing up to do. I hope to never be as unkind to anyone as I was to those two (and to myself) during that year. I vow to put kindness at the center of my life's mandala. I've said that before, right? Well, it's worth saying again.

*I want breakfast!!!!!!! So excited to eat breakfast!!!!!! I've said that before, right? Well, it's worth saying again.


cassie said...

want to start a joint food blog? i'm terrible about keeping those up on my own, but if i had a partner i would probably be more motivated.

Jack W. said...