Tuesday, April 3, 2012

death valley part 1

Spontaneous fragments from my week in Death Valley:

*I purchased small turquoise earrings so that I would feel "prettier." I have worn them once and may never wear them again. Okay, I'll probably wear them again. Still, earrings are not my thing. Painting my nails, also not my thing. Neither are shopping sprees, girly talk about boys (HA!), pedicures, teeth whitening, hairspray, shaving, or floral design. Nothing against them, they just mean nothing to me.

*I "stole" these ADORABLE mini bottles of Tabasco from the continental breakfast at one of the hotels. In fact, I "stole" a lot of breakfast items (that's why I always bring my big purse to buffets!) and even went back to the breakfast twice in one morning so I could steal more. I have so many oranges and packets of peanut butter!

*I fell asleep on a sand dune and on these goofy (in a completely sacred and beautiful way) looking rocks. I also fell asleep each night before midnight and had insanely poetic, slightly sexual, always foggy dreams every single night. So lucky! But where have the dreams gone? Where have all the cowboys gone? Good question, Paula Cole.

*Speaking of cowboys, we went to a cowboy museum in a small California town. It was dreamy. The Hollywood version of the Wild West is wildly inaccurate, but also slightly romantic (aside from all the let's-kill-the-Indians-and-take-their-land-and-let's-also-treat-women-like-meat stuff). I got to see this super decked out convertible that was used in the critically acclaimed film Twins. Why it was in a cowboy museum, I'll never know (unless I google it!).

*I kept running into these Oregonian lesbians on the trip and they kept seducing me with their braless, Subaru Outback, makeup-less lives. I know, I know. I know what exactly? I know that I don't know.

But I do know that I am hungry (of course), so I will go eat. Of course. And of course I will write more about Death Valley in the near-ish future. Stay tuned, little kitties.

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